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While the last of the Baby Boomers turn 50 this year, the 50-plussers are feeling more youthful and focussed on health like never before. We are at the age where we are not obsessed with image, but on the other hand, we want to look the very best we can.

However, the trick is not to try to reclaim youth. Rather, you need to focus on reclaiming yourself. Fabulous and age-appropriate  hair and make-up is a good place to start, because, as we all know, if we feel good, we’re happier.

What works for us in our 20’s and 30’s isn’t going to suit us later in our lives because hormonal changes and age lead to thinning hair, wispier eyebrows, grey hair and paler skin. So choosing the right colours becomes so important and the difference between an ageing trannie, quirky clown or chic elegance.

The good news about ageing is our close-up eyesight is shite so we can’t really see the wrinkles and our soft-focus selves are rather better than reality. However, that does mean you need to invest in a magnifying mirror to put your make-up on properly – yikes  , nothing worse than squiffy eyeliner, smeared lipstick or uneven eyebrows.

Here are my tips, for what they are worth.

  • Drinks loads of water and get enough sleep to keep away the dark rings, dull lifeless skin and those nasty, nasty bags under your eyes.
  • Balance your weight between plump and too thin. You have to choose between bum and face because if you get too slim, your face suffers because you need a little fat to plump out the wrinkles.
  • Wear garments to carefully cover the crepey cleavage and tuckshop arms.
  • Fake tan over real tan because nothing ages skin more than sun but golden skin looks more youthful than pasty white skin anytime, in my opinion.
  • Stand up properly; slouching makes your tummy look fat. Pretend there is a rope pulling up the top of your head. It’ll make you look 5kg leaner in one single motion.

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