ARGGH!! I am No Longer Young!

Yesterday, life seemed to offer an infinite number of possibilities; your potential knew no bounds. Then, all of a sudden, you realise you are NO LONGER YOUNG and heading down the hill to the grave pretty damn fast. If you need glasses to read this, a cup of coffee to jump start your day and are nodding stiffly to agree, it’s a sign: you are getting old. One day, it’s all … [Read more...]

You, only Better

While the last of the Baby Boomers turn 56 this year, the 50-plussers are feeling more youthful and focussed on health like never before. We are at the age where we are not obsessed with image, but, on the other hand, we want to look the very best we can. However, the trick is not to try to reclaim youth. Rather, you need to focus on reclaiming yourself. Fabulous and … [Read more...]