Brain Gone Missing

Sometimes I wonder if my wandering mind has gone more wayward than normal – but I have no doubt it is making it even more difficult to be me. A few months back, I hauled my children out for a day watching a free music festival in the park. Wearing out picnic best and armed with deck chairs and cooler bag, we schlepped down to the venue – only to find it was in fact taking … [Read more...]

Life, Death and the grey in between

A 104-year old Aussie scientist committed suicide because he felt he was too old and didn’t want to live anymore. He had no serious illness, there were clips of him walking and singing, eating cake, drinking champagne and hanging out with his family. Yet he was allowed to kill himself in Switzerland because he was tired of life and wanted to die. What I think he needed was … [Read more...]

Microwaves: Good or Bad?

There might not be conclusive proof that microwaves cause cancer, but there is enough opinion out there to make me very worried -- and I for one am not taking chances. By Catherine Mann I don’t own a microwave and would never use one, because I believe it is unhealthy, unnatural and might indeed cause cancer. Yes, the evidence is slim and perhaps not verified in any … [Read more...]

Get Serious about Weight Training.

 If you are serious about getting fit and ditching the flab, stop pottering about with feeble weights or kid yourself that boot camp is the elixir to your body woes. by Catherine Mann My little town is largely inhabited by retirees, evidenced by the presence of almost more mobility scooters than cars, and shops selling very sensible shoes and clip-on earrings. But … [Read more...]