Touching Homebase

  I met up with former classmates I last saw 35 years ago at a reunion in Sydney – and what an inspiring and invigorating experience it turned out to be. All of us South African immigrants, 17 women flew in from as far away as Perth and New Zealand to reconnect and, as it turned out, to re-centre ourselves. Gone were the hormone-infused teenagers and plump-faced … [Read more...]

Growing Sideways

I am officially a personal-growth workshop failure. I tried but was asked to leave within four hours. Hmmmm….here’s the story! Have you ever felt a bit stuck in your life – need something a little more, something different - but you are not sure what it is nor how to find what it is you want? Well, that is me. So I decided to go on a weekend self-development workshop to … [Read more...]

Last Times

These holidays I was walking down a long stretch of white beach hand-in-hand with my sons, aged 10 and 11. As we strolled along, we discussed the books they were reading, our plans for the rest of the day, and commented on the people passing us by. But a sharp pain stabbed my heart. It was the kind of blissful parenting moment I focussed on imprinting into my memory, … [Read more...]

New Women

The time has come for older women to step up to the plate and be counted as beautiful, valuable members of society rather than sexless frumps with nothing to offer except free nanna services, crocheted blankets and baked goods. Ageing is a gift, not a curse. Women need to reinvent our negative image by standing up against prejudice and discrimination, and making the last … [Read more...]

Never too old to FLY HIGH

You’re never too old to fly. If you are now 50 plus and still haven’t achieved the career success you once dreamed of, know this: it is never too late to achieve greatness. Of course, if your dream is too technical or athletic, you might have to tweak your ambitions to suit your energy and fitness capabilities – but lots of wildly successful people only found big success … [Read more...]