Swim Mums’ Rules

RULES for the SWIM MUM Nobody expects to be a swim mum. We hear that swimming opens up a child’s lungs and all this water-safety-for-children lures us in. Next thing, it’s squad training three times a week, and before you know it, we are up way before 4am every morning for the swim run, waiting two hours, then rushing home – only to repeat in the late afternoon. We … [Read more...]

Road-tripping and camping with Team Z in 2016

Every school holiday, the boys and I grab our wire baskets of camping gear, chuck them on the back of the car with our clothes, hitch up the trailer and head off somewhere. Often, we have no idea where we are going as we seldom research properly – but it’s always an adventure. Easter saw us in Valla Beach, outside Coffs Harbour between the Gold Coast and Sydney. Valla Beach … [Read more...]

Mothers’ Club does New Zealand

My Mother’s Club went international. Yes, we headed off to New Zealand for Jonene Sarah’s BIG BIRTHDAY BASH. And it was so beautiful, lots of fun and a might big adventure with some of my favourite people. A week before, a 7.5 earthquake hit the exact area we were heading for, but that did not deter us. For those of you not in the know, we’re a bunch of single Mums (and one … [Read more...]

Solo Travel

I have just returned from a 20-day trip alone, without my children. This might not seem a biggie to all you solo travellers out there doing your fabulous thing. But for me, it was very confronting. I love travelling and I travel heaps. But the last time I travelled alone was 30 years ago, and I only lasted a few weeks before running home. And the last time I visited anywhere … [Read more...]

Private vs State

My baby goes to high school next year. Yes, it did make me feel old but since I only had Yannik when I was 40-something, this wasn’t what was worrying me. I had to finally decide if I was committing to private or state schooling for my precious cherub – a full year before because of the scholarship exams. Being a Centrelink chick from Nerangatan on the Goldie, the only way … [Read more...]