Days of our Lives

This is possibly the scariest time of my life. My dad is back in hospital, where he has been on and off for over a year now, and he describes himself as being on the pointy end of life. My mum is lonely and isolated in the north of Scotland due to circumstances. And my teenage sons are becoming increasingly independent and in 18 months, the eldest will be driving so they will … [Read more...]

Welcome to Femme50plus

Welcome to Femme50Plus Welcome to the fabulous world of the 50-Plus Women. Join with me to celebrate the endless possibilities and challenges of maturity where we embrace our experience, seize life with both hands, and ride it for all it’s worth to other side of the rainbow. This is a very new world we live in now. Our time is filled opportunity and unchartered territory … [Read more...]


I will not be retiring in the manner to which I would like to be accustomed. This has recently been driven home by the latest research showing that women have only half as much super as men when they retire. Hello! Let’s hope nobody was paid a lot to come to that deduction considering one had to be living under a rock to realise that women do not earn nearly as much as men in … [Read more...]