Brain Gone Missing

fancy dress monica yannik soren kathryns birthday (2)Sometimes I wonder if my wandering mind has gone more wayward than normal – but I have no doubt it is making it even more difficult to be me.

A few months back, I hauled my children out for a day watching a free music festival in the park. Wearing out picnic best and armed with deck chairs and cooler bag, we schlepped down to the venue – only to find it was in fact taking place the following week.


Not six days later, my children and I spent the day choosing outfits for that night’s fancy dress party. Look, I was puzzled but Party Girl is a bit of an Australian Princess so I rationalised that British Royalty was not her thang and she hadn’t noticed.

My sons, however, did notice not many cars at the venue.

“Where is everyone,” Yan said.

“Probably watching the wedding, like I want to,” I replied.

Imagine the horror when we knocked on the door and the hosts, clearly just in from a day out at the beach, answered in surprise.

“The party is next week!”

My sons nearly died of embarrassment.


We stayed for supper and actually had a wonderful time and I got home in time for the wedding, and we had an extra week to tweak our outfits. But STILL!

But here is the kicker. I was on the phone to a best friend of mine discussing the second Mamma Mia movie.

“Did you like it?” I said. “I absolutely loved it…blah, blah, blah.”

“Yes,” she replied, a little cautiously.

“We should’ve gone together!” I said.

“We did,” was her reply.

Talk about awkward! Even I wasn’t sure how to come back from that.

So I worry for a while. But even as a type this, I get a message from a friend, responding to my plan to meet everyone at a dancing event at the Arts Centre. I have organised a small crowd of us to go. But it is actually next week. So best I jump back on social media and start postponing.


The boys were planning an afternoon alone in the house without their mother telling them to get off their phones and computers, and to get outside and into the sun.

Yikes, if it is this bad in my 50’s, what will I be like in my 60’s???? Can’t WAIT!


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