Private vs State

My baby goes to high school next year. Yes, it did make me feel old but since I only had Yannik when I was 40-something, this wasn’t what was worrying me. I had to finally decide if I was committing to private or state schooling for my precious cherub – a full year before because of the scholarship exams. Being a Centrelink chick from Nerangatan on the Goldie, the only way … [Read more...]

Welcome to Femme50plus

Welcome to Femme50Plus Welcome to the fabulous world of the 50-Plus Women. Join with me to celebrate the endless possibilities and challenges of maturity where we embrace our experience, seize life with both hands, and ride it for all it’s worth to other side of the rainbow. This is a very new world we live in now. Our time is filled opportunity and unchartered territory … [Read more...]

Last Times

These holidays I was walking down a long stretch of white beach hand-in-hand with my sons, aged 10 and 11. As we strolled along, we discussed the books they were reading, our plans for the rest of the day, and commented on the people passing us by. But a sharp pain stabbed my heart. It was the kind of blissful parenting moment I focussed on imprinting into my memory, … [Read more...]