moneyHappiness is easiest achieved not having the fabulous possessions but in having simple wants. However, I notice that those who advocate simplicity often have money in the bank. Financial security came first, then the simplicity. So we need to get serious about money, to make sure we have the basics when we get older – food and shelter – a so we’re not closing down our happiness options with financial insecurity. The art is in balancing hours and energy spent earning money with time spent enjoying the benefits. The easiest way is to make sure we don’t fritter away excess money on material things that don’t last. I don’t want to be lured into a more expensive lifestyle unless the rewards are really meaningful. I’d rather squirrel the money away for protection against the potential for later economic stress. Whatever makes YOU happy, you do need to take your head out the sand and face financial reality. Draw up a budget for a lifestyle you need to be happy, make a plan, and ensure you make sure your money is working best for you. Without sensible financial planning, options are limited, along with our happiness.


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