Welcome to Femme50plus

Welcome to Femme50Plus

DSCN3550Welcome to the fabulous world of the 50-Plus Women. Join with me to celebrate the endless possibilities and challenges of maturity where we embrace our experience, seize life with both hands, and ride it for all it’s worth to other side of the rainbow. This is a very new world we live in now. Our time is filled opportunity and unchartered territory with few role models and no guideposts. So, we must reinvent ourselves and become the central characters on the cultural stage. The time has come for older women to step up to be counted as beautiful, valuable members of society. Society certainly can’t ignore us. We’ve out running successful businesses, invading the shopping malls, swimming, surfing, playing touch footy (well, I am!), dancing and travelling the world. We are filled with light and love and laughter. Many of us are having the time of our lives. My aim is to inspire us to reinvent ourselves positively in our own ways, big or small, to ensure we have the freedom to live our life without prejudice or age discrimination. Stand tall, stretch up and reach out.

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